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At a Law College, a new teacher for “Introduction to Rights” entered the classroom, the first thing he did was to ask a student who was seated on the first bench to leave the classroom and never to attend his class ever again!

The bewildered studentbgot up quickly, collected his belongings and left the classroom.

Every student was scared and angry; however nobody spoke anything.

“Well, let’s start the class,” said the new teacher. “What purpose do the enacted laws serve?”

The students were afraid, but slowly regained confidence and began to answer his questions.

“So that there is order in our society.”

“No!” the teacher shouted.

“So that people pay for their wrong actions?”

“No! Doesn’t anybody here have enough brains to know the answer to this question?!” asked the teacher, sarcastically.

“So that there is justice,” said a girl timidly.

“At last! One person who is not a complete moron! That’s correct…. so that there is justice. And now, what is the use of justice?”

All the students were extremely uneasy with his rude attitude. However, they continued trying to answer….

“To safeguard human rights.”

“Well, what more?” asked the teacher.

“To differentiate right from wrong and to reward the good.”

“Ok, that’s not bad. However, answer this question: Did I act correctly when I sent one of you from the classroom?”

All were quiet, nobody answered.

“I want a decisive and unanimous answer!” he shouted.

“No!” we all replied in unison.

“Then could you say I committed an injustice by sending the poor student out of the class?”

“Yes Sir!”

Then his voice softened and he asked, “And why didnt nobody raise anything in that respect? So why do we need rules and laws if we don’t have the necessary will to practice them? Each one of you has an obligation to do something when you witness an injustice. ALL of you! Do not stay quiet, never again! Go and call Juan,” he said.

All this long tale is a perspective on the nagging issue of incompetence tag level on the Northern Christian including the Middle Belt under the Muslim-muslim ticket.

Call it an exclusive ticket and you will be right.

The debate has being going on with more and more angers as more damages are being unearthed by those who are supposed to market the APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the forthcoming presidential election in 2023.

The most daring aspect of the debate is the choice of words: competent, votes, balance, etc.

There was a piece purportedly written by our very own brother, YAKUBU DATI, a cabinet member of the Gov Simon Lalong’s administration.

In his wisdom, the Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket that excludes even his master, Gov Lalong was okay because the duo of ex SGF Babachir Lawal and ex Speaker Yakubu Dogara played an infamous role in arriving at a Muslim-Muslim ticket.

When we don’t defend our rights, we lose our dignity, and dignity is not negotiable.

The interview published by TMSnews by the former Minister of Sports, Hon. Solomon Dalung, insisting that the APC presidential candidate should go for a competent Muslim DG to deliver it’s competent presidential candidate.

As concern citizens, are we expected to keep quiet to let this injustice perpetual just because we are all dirty in one way or the other?

Don’t just sit down and watch things go bad under your nose. Say Something and do something. It doesn’t matter if you are called names or your face not being liked.

We’re all guilty….

Then came Gov Lalong’s almighty blasphemy even against his Catholicism Community when he unwittingly draged the revered Pope into his local, controversial DG of the blasphemous comments.

Trust the college of Papal’s knights and Medalists in Nigeria for rising squarely to the occasion. They hit back, forcing our brother to retreat shamefully!

Taking the series of religious related attacks leading to the killings of dozens on the Middle Belt communities including Gov Lalong’s Plateau state, one would have no choice than to condemn his position and unguided utterances as a leader.

It is no longer justifiable that Gov Lalong’s always public blundershe talking before thinking at all if when he is supposed to be a lawyer who in all respect is supposed to be very circumspected with words.

We are ashamed identifying with his leadership.

While we advocate for forgiveness of our brother, Gov Lalong by the Catholic Church and the people of Plateau state, Middle Belt Journalists Forum, MBJF will appeal to Gov Lalong to step aside from this infamous job.

If we see injustice and do nothing that injustice will come one day and haunt us. That is the lesson of the failure of Nigeria.

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