I will not die of hunger because Hon David Ombugadu wants to be governor, Solomon Ewuga to eggon elders

Politics for some is all about themselves, their food, and maybe their family, since you can not be that sure again.

The character in this latest plot is known to have been oscillating from PDP to APP to CPC to ANPP to APC to PDP and back to APC. All he did in those parties was to look for food by mainly vieing for gubernatorial election in Nasarawa State.

The only time he went for something else was to the senate through a doubtful court process as compensation for working against the then PDP government of the late Alh. Aliyu A Doma when he was deceived into believing that he would subsequently be handed the seat of Governor by those who “hand over.” But the least he knows is that all those who promise him these graces also know his worth and quality.

A good betrayer is not worthy of being elected to the office he desires. The said Ewuga is known to possess the ultimate quality and capacity for selfishness and fraudulent things.

Thus, it has been observed long before now that Sen. Ewuga has been frolicking with the elements that oppress and monopolise the fortunes of society through unabetting corruption and strangulation of opportunities meant for all. Few weeks before the tribunal rulling of the governorship election petition, the same Ewuga was alleged to be meeting and plotting with Nasarawa APC stakeholders in the state with the intention and strategies of buying the tribunal judgement against his son or younger brother who was the rightful and lawful winner of March 18th, 2023 governorship election.

Another accusing finger was pointing at Ewuga of conspiring against David Ombugadu immediately after his emergence as the PDP’s gubernatorial candidate for the 2023 election when by his admission and in order to play that role effectively, claimed to have left politics in order to play the statesman role.

Later, same Ewuga was heard and seen struggling to become the Aren Eggon with the passage of that late sage Baba Bala Abaine Angbazo who was principled and set a higher leadership standard of faithfulness to the people than to self.

Before now, he was tactfully promised to be made the Aren by Engr Sule. That strategic deceitful move ensured Ewuga stayed off the political scene. Thereafter, the Nasarawa APC initiated several moves to recruit him for the dirty and ignoble job he is renowned for and is now set to begin at his age.

Meanwhile history keeps reminding people of Nasarawa state about the number of lives lost for Ewuga’s cause while others bore the blame in struggle for Ewuga to assume political relevance in this dispensation since 1999.

Just like the previous struggles, the current one, there are widows, mothers, and abused women who lost husbands, sons, and daughters, including public officials.

The world will not forget in hurry how Sen. Ewuga brought untold hardships to his people by betraying their struggle times without number. One of the instances was the instigation of innocent people against them which led to casualties and untold hardships on lives and loss of properties worth millions of naira.

What of his underperformed representation as a one chance senator? One will remember vividly that Ewuga forced his constituents to pay money for a loan that never came to reality till today and tomorrow. Ewuga was the most underperformed senator in the history of Nasarawa state.

It saddens to read from media today that, it is the same Ewuga who has been holding meetings with the people he initially called oppressors; and incited hate is the same Ewuga spearheading their plans to thwart justice against his younger brother.

It is painful to know that Ewuga is a deadly mole and Judas is worse and even more dangerous than Judas Iscariot of the bible. He may wish to know that his tricks are now in the open and well understood, sadly, when he is already old and frail.

No wonder the elders have threatened to ex-communicate him and this much they told him to his face in his own house on the 12th of September2023, and the conclusion still is that Ewuga remains a green snake and selfish. He wants everything for himself, and now he is about to lose everything, including whatever is left of his integrity and respect.

Interestingly, each time it favours Ewuga, his current friends are enemies of Nasarawa people, but if it does not favour him, he betrayed the support given to him and called them friends.

Another question that keeps puzzling is: What does Ewuga intend to achieve by betraying the struggle of a people that supported him for over the years – Food? What will profit him causing the untold hardship to his people through political conspiracy and connivance with the same elements he chose to avoid when the pendulum swings the other way? Well, they all know him and the job he us capable of doing though.

However, the answer to these questions is best known to Ewuga, whose bile is filled with selfishness, manipulation, and hatred.

Ewuga’s situation is not different from that of a father who is found culpable in the death of his children. Humanity lost him long ago because he is the kind of person whose own stomach dictates his direction in politics.

It is unfortunate at his age that he is towing the path of disrepute and self-destruction.


Hon. Francis O. Orogu 

State Chairman, Nasarawa State.

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