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Nyesom Wike Is On A Mission To Destroy The PDP: Young Stakeholders Allege

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike is on a mission to destroy the Peoples Democratic Party if the critical stakeholders of the party do not summon the necessary courage to stop him, PDP Young Stakeholders has warned.

The group said in a statement in Asaba, the capital of Delta State, on Wednesday, 27th April, 2022 that the embers of divisions being fanned by Gov Wike at this point in time is counterproductive and spells doom for the PDP.

It noted that Governor Wike’s clandestine romance with the opposition APC should be of serious concern to the party leadership.

The group describes as worrisome the crude manner the Rivers Governor has been attacking and demarketing fellow aspirants from the same party.

“It is unimaginable to see negative exploits of the man that preaches unity in the party in Kano PDP, action which may prevent the party from making a strong impact in the next general election by working with Rabiu Kwakwanso who had left the PDP”.

The group said that it is taking note and records of billions of Naira of Rivers State resources the Governor is wasting with reckless abandon to promote his inordinate presidential agenda.

“It is common knowledge and has been alluded to by Governor Wke himself that  he  can not win the general election for the PDP, therefore the party must muscle all arsenal and courage to elect a sure winning candidate if truly the PDP party is serious about  winning the 2023 presidential election and fixing Nigeria.”

The party must realise that Wike is just one man and cannot be bigger than the party, the only assets the comedian Governor is banking on is the stupendous Rivers resources at his disposal, and which he will have to account for at the end of his tenure.

The group urged the founding fathers of the party to close ranks with the young stakeholders in the party to stop the Wike carnage against the party that has given him the platform to actualise his political aspirations.

According to the group, this is the time for the PDP to be more focused on how to win the upcoming presidential election.

The group maintained that the actions of the Governor is unbecoming and  pointed to the fact that he is on a mission to destroy the party at all cost.

It observed that in the history of the PDP, never had the party witnessed a situation where one man had created unnecessary tension and spending state resources in the manner Wike has been doing for the sake of his ambition.

The group noted that it has no problem with the ambition of the Governor to contest for president, but said he has neither shown responsibility, finesse  nor maturity in the pursuit of his ambition.

The group called on anti graft agencies to investigate Governor Wike’s financial recklessness, and also on INEC to monitor the campaign spending as enshrined in the amended electoral act and enforce same.

The group expressed confidence that 2023 is the time to get it right for Nigeria and the PDP is favoured to rescue Nigeria from the brigandage and brokenness that has characterised our country in the last seven years.

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