PDP Calls FG to Put an Eye on the Distribution of Palliative in States


  • …. BBC Hausa Expos noes Paltry Distribution of Aid in Nasarawa State


From Faud Isa, Lafia


The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Nasarawa State has strongly condemned the alleged diversion of FG palliatives meant to alleviate the hardships of the state’s impoverished citizens following the subsidy removal and urges government to put more than a passing interest on how it is being shared.


In a press statement released on Saturday, PDP Chairman Comrade Francis Orogu expressed deep concern over the misuse of funds and called for immediate federal intervention.


The PDP’s attention was drawn to what they describe as the “unwholesome diversion” of these palliatives, leading to inadequate support for the state’s poor residents. According to the statement, it appears that rather than being used to purchase essential items for the needy, the funds have been diverted, leaving citizens with meager supplies.


Sun gathered that the situation gained national attention when the BBC Hausa Service reported on the distribution of these items in Keffi Local Government Area. Widows, orphans, and vulnerable members of the community were interviewed, expressing their disappointment and frustration with the insufficient aid they received.


The PDP accuses the state government of trying to shift the blame for this insufficient aid onto the Federal Government, thereby tarnishing the reputation of President Ahmed Tinubu. They argue that even a fraction of the funds provided by the Federal Government could have made a significant impact on the lives of the people.


Comrade Francis Orogu called on President Tinubu to take immediate action to salvage his administration’s reputation and ensure that the federal government’s well-intentioned policies are not derailed in Nasarawa State.


To address the issue, the PDP suggests the formation of a special task force consisting of workers’ unions, civil society organizations, and other critical stakeholders to oversee the distribution of palliatives in Nasarawa State. They also urged the Federal Government to investigate the involvement of state officials in the distribution scandal.


The PDP emphasized the importance of ensuring that funds intended for widows, orphans, and the poor reach their intended recipients and put an end to what they describe as a recurring pattern of misuse of public funds in the state.


The press statement also referenced past instances of misappropriated funds in Nasarawa State, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability in government actions.


The PDP called on the Tinubu administration to break the cycle of official mismanagement of palliatives for the sake of Nasarawa State’s most vulnerable citizens.

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