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Presidential Nomination Forms: Why overrating youself when party is rejected by Nigerians -Nasarawa PDP Chairman tells APC

As the All Progressive Congress APC Wednesday fixed its presidential nomination form at N100m, Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party in Nasarawa state, Hon. Francis Orogu Thursday faulted the ruling APC overrating itself when Nigerians have already rejected the party.

Orogu, who is the Public Relations Officer, PDP Chairmen forum described the charge by the ruling APC as outrageous added that the party is “overrating itself high even in the face rejection by the electorates ahead of 2023.

Reacting to the APC decision to fix its presidential nomination form at N100m in an interview with Journalists in Lafia, the state Chairman of PDP, said the APC would have known that the party has lost its credibility, acceptability, popularity by the electorates before overrating itself as far as fixing such amount of money for just expression of interest.

According to Orogu, “the decision by APC to charge an average Nigerian merely expressing his interest to contest presidential election as not only criminal, but further expose itself to to Nigerians and must not be seen as a serious party”.

“Even though it is an internal issue of the party, as the ruling party and considering the present economic hardship in the country, tell me with such amount of money fixed for forms, where will candidates get such amount to purchase the form if he / she is not corrupt.”

Orogu further argued that such amount was fixed to scare young Nigerians especially the youths from realizing their dreams for their own selfish interest knowing fully well that the party is no longer marketable before Nigerians.

‘”The ‘Not too young to run bill that was passed into law is not considered in APC to enable the young people afford such amount of money for the forms, this has shown clearly that the young people don’t have a place in the APC” Orogu stated.

Reacting to the indirect primaries adopted by APC, the PDP Chairman insisted that Nigerians should not believe in APC as a party because they have promised Nigerians so many things that they have not implement adding that the party have lost focus and should not be taking seriously.

“I want to assure you that the party might change their decisions, I hope you know is not the first time they will agree on a process and truncate it on a long run, don’t forget recently the saga that led to the emergence of the party National Chairman and others.

So Wait until such process is implemented otherwise the APC that we know might change their decision” he said.

On what the major Opposition party PDP is doing to put their house together for a credible candidates either by Consensus or otherwise, the Nasarawa PDP boss assured that any moment from now the party will tell Nigerians what they have as the NEC Committee has submitted their report which will soon be unvail to Nigerians.

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