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Who is Afraid of Ombugadu?


By Jonathan IPAA, Lafia

Karma, we are told has no menu, you get served what you deserve no matter how long it takes.

The ongoing destruction of the opposition PDP’s billboards in Nasarawa state will definitely get a reward come March 2023 during the Governorship election. The voters will definitely determine the nature of this reward.

The question in the lips of many is:

Who is Afraid of Ombugadu’s PDP?

A few days ago, the the National Chairman of the ruling APC, Sen Abdullahi Adamu rained hues on Gov Abdullahi Alhaji Sule for accepting defeat in advance.

At the APC Governorship campaign tour to the Paramount ruler of Garaku, Gov Sule was quoted to have expressed his readiness to retire back to Dubai, Saudi Arabia or the United States, US without any hot chase by the EFCC after May 29th, 2023.

Sen Adamu whose desperation knew no bound, fired back. He wondered why an incumbent Gov Sule was doing with the powers of an almighty Governor’s office!

Little did Adamu realizes that things have since changed between his days (1999-2007) when he ruled by fiat and now under the amended electoral law. The signing into law of the 2022 Electoral Act popularly known as Almighty BVAS has changed how poll could be rigged and votes count!

No wonder Sen. Adamu was busy marketing Bola Ahmed Tinubu in other parts of the country when Gov Sule was chased away in Toto and rejected publicly in some other towns by these same electorate that will determine who shall be their Governor in 2023.

Both workers and the penssioners’ union had cause to complain of Gov Sule’s 1-term regime policies including percentage salaries, sale of state key assets, increase rates in insecurity, unemployment, deficit in both food supplies, education and the health sectors.

Both Gov Sule, his predecessors, Sen. Tanko Almakura and Sen. Abdullahi Adamu never realized that the PDP’s reunion is strong enough to frustrating the 12 years reign in Nasarawa state.


They forgot that the trio formula of 4+4+4=12( Adamu 4+4, Aliyu Akwe 4 under the PDP) and now (Ex Gov Almakura 4+4, Gov Sule 4=12 years) was fast coming to a realistic end.


The trio also forgot that the single man squad led by Nigeria celebrated oratory wizard, HE Labaran Maku whose departure from the PDP that caused it’s political havoc has since returned back to head the campaign as DG.

They forgot too late that all those they decieved into the APC including Hon. Dr Joseph Haruna Kigbu, Hon Aliyu Wadada, Hon. Jonathan Ghaza, Hon. Dahiru Sarkin alias Maiyama, Hon. Tanko Tunga, Hon. Moluku Agah, Hon. David Maiyaki, and dozen others that are still aggrieved have parted ways with the APC.

Most of these aggrieved frontline politicians are very sympathetic with the opposition PDP in the state.

I am sure the APC still believe that those who contested the Governorship primary with Dr Ombugadu are not with the PDP in the secondary election.

They forgot that the oppressed people of Nasarawa state are watching helplessly as dozens of Dangote trucks load out coal and other Nasarawa solid wealth midnights to unknown destinations while poverty continues to ravage homes, offices and villages.

They forgot that the next March Governorship election will be won at the polling units and NOT on the way to the collection centres any longer.

More importantly, they forgot that the PDP’s billboards that dotted across Mararaba, Keffi, Akwanga, Lafia and other major towns were the only consolution left for these people.

I am sure too that the anger of destroying the PDP billboards are unforgivable in nature because it will generate an unquantifiable sympathy from the electorate for Ombugadu and his team.

In in the spirit of democracy, one can appeal to the Hon Francis Orogu’s led PDP to borrow a cue from the Eagle and not to fight dirty with the Snake on a terrain familiar to it.

“The Eagle does not fight the snake on the ground. It picks it up into the sky, changes the battleground then releases the snake into the sky where the snake has no stamina, power, balance and wisdom to maneuver in the air.

The PDP must not engage her opponents on the ground (billboards) which is the APC comfort zone but change strategies and ALLOW THE ALREADY ANGERED VOTERS TO SETTLE THE MATTER KAWAI!

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