2023: A Peek Into The Atiku Agenda




The electoral curtain in Nigeria has been drawn full cycle once again, thanks to the nation’s laws and commitment to democracy and representative governance in which the power of choice rests with the people. In this milieu in Nigeria, the issues are myriad and appear to be untouched since the Peoples Democratic Party PDP left power in 2015. Instead, what we have is a multiplication of problems created since then and with no end in sight.


Poverty, joblessness, insecurity, corruption and abandonment of the people is the hallmark and major achievements to count for the out-going ably led so chaotic administration of the All Progressives Congress.

In this moment in any nation’s history, only the courageous and convicted to ideals and hope, equipped with the conscience necessary and suitable to deliver and transform the bad course into a good one, will step forward to attempt a rescue effort.

The presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, who was once our vice president from 1999-2007, is one such individual and is already offering himself to the cause of restoring Nigeria, thereby installing the pillars of hope, people centric and all round planned growth, development and progress for the people wherever they may be so long as they belong to Nigeria, Africa’s promised land.

His experience and desire to serve is legendary; so is his will and staying power in the arena of politics and ambition. His experience may have led to the articulation of a proposed policy document which when implemented by any holder of that high office as president, can deliver the expected result.

His is a blueprint to lift Nigeria from its current state of disability occasioned by visionless leadership that was only interested in achieving power majorly for the name and sake of it. Our next president should be much more than that. This among others, should be among the many factors to behold in choosing our next president and Atiku Abubakar stands out in this regard.

His policy document which contains 5 developmental agenda is titled “My Covenant with Nigerians.” The implementation of this agenda is considered necessary foundation and key to the next new Nigeria of our collective and individual dreams. Take a brief look at some of them areas of focus:

An area of concern which the current administration and the APC bastardise is the destruction of the factors of our integration as one people united in faith, peace and progress. Therefore, chief among the issues on the agenda is to Restore Nigeria’s unity through equity, social justice as well as co-operation and building consensus amongst our heterogenous peoples:

The first stage according to the document is to institutionalise development around issues and circumstances that would derive unity in our country; that celebrates its diversity as well as the talents and opportunities within; that would give us the ability to understand each other within the context of one nation despite our differences in culture, tradition and religion. Until we truly unite ourselves and begin to think together we cannot battle corruption, indiscipline and social injustice within and elsewhere. Thus the persuading commitment to promote a true federal system which will provide for a strong federal government to guarantee national unity while allowing the federating units to set their own priorities, deliver within time, budgets and plan.

Further to the policy focus is the commitment to Establish a strong and effective democratic government that guarantees the safety and security of life and property: The strength of the government is evident on the prosperity of the nation.

However, the nation cannot prosper in a state of constant fear. Citizens are more often than not, in the current situation, unsure if they will come back home to their loved ones after the day’s work. Students and teachers are studying and teaching in fear of being kidnapped or have their school buildings and furniture where they exist, destroyed by hoodlums who value education less than the savagery they indulge and enjoy.

All these the document argues, should not be our way of life. Government should endeavour to improve and strengthen the education system; to equip its recipients with the education and skills required to be competitive in the new world which is driven by innovation, science and technology and to lead healthy, productive, meaningful lives as imposing outcomes.

As Nigerians we deserve a peaceful and co-habitable environment where we can trade, school, farm and participate in social activities without fear of being in danger.

Further to this vision of rekindling hope is to Build a strong, resilient, and prosperous economy that creates jobs and wealth and lifts the poor out of poverty: Atiku Abubakar believes that poverty reduction is on the list of every presidential candidate to campaign with but their solution do not sit right in view of our nation’s current disposition which has successfully bred trust deficits of government in public issues.





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