A Planet Begging For Universal Climate Sustainability.

By Richard INOYO

Coal lines globally are creating new responses to international climate action from carbon footprint reduction perspective.

The call to planet sos dictates that we rally together for an end to combustible sources of energy with a speedy transition to clean and non toxic energy on sourcing points.

The conservation of old denials and the liberalisation of new delays are raising serious concerns about sincerity on the part of world leaders in addressing rising degrees in air, sea and land temperatures.

Sea level rise and a wide range of catastrophic impacts of climate care negligence and aggressive global environmental destruction now requires us all to pressurise energy developers, public institutions and the private sector to rethink and tackle carbon spread for good besides advocating for less air travels and utilising videoconferencing apps like zoom to reduce carbon entry.

The offloading of over 33.1 Billion Metric tons of energy-related carbon dioxide into planet earth based on a global emission scale is threatening universal sustainability and the quality of climate we intend to pass on to our kids and generations unborn.

Glocalised ethical climate emergency action is no longer a phrase sitting idle on transnational and domestic policy documents, it is now a global urgency plan that requires institutions and individuals to see that there is an ethical and moral dimension to pursuing climate balance and safety for the good of all.

Down here in Nigeria, the contradiction of dedicating one-third of her energy profits by the Nigerian government in search of toxic energy sources in frontier basins, trough and other geographical swaths, coupled with rising gas prices means double jeopardy both in showing that as a country we are not ready to act in favour of universal safety and less toxic climate while preventing over 170millions citizens struggling with rising gas cost from not resulting to charcoal and firewood which means lesser trees and more carbon offloading.

From Soweto to Frankfurt up to Siberia and Finland, the entire planet must come to realise that the time to educate people about advanced climate destruction is now, and there is no better time to join the campaign for carbon footprint reduction other than now.

Richard INOYO is the Country Director, Citizens’ Solutions Network and also a Member, Global Resistance Movement, Nigerian Chapter.

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