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Floods of the magnitude we have seen in the country may persist until all human settlements along the Rivers Benue, Niger right down to the coast and seas have been evacuated or atleast, the residents of such areas quick to adhere to early warnings issued by official Agencies charged with the responsibility.


Federal Minister of Environment Barr Mohamed Hassan Abdullahi raised the observations during an eclusive interview with TMSNews crew in his Office recently.


According to him, all human settlements along the coastline and water ways must resist the urge tp build and live in such dangerous areas even when the posses the approval for building plans complere with Certificates of Occupancy anf ownership,


He said even though the Ministry has some suggestions, it is most times difficult to implement because doing so would interfere with the duties of various State Governments and their land policy.


“In as much as Government is doing everything possible to provide succour to the affected people and families especially women and children who are more vulnerable, State Governments must review their policies which will appreciate and allow some sense of understanding of Early Warning signs interpreted by All relevant Agencies including the Federal Ministry of Environment because they have the capacity, knowledge and technology to detect early danger signs before disaster occurs”.


He explained that the Federal government is implementing a multi_ organisational approach through relevant Agencies like the ministries of Humanitarian Affairs, Health and Environment.


He said through such collaborative approach, meetings and strategies have been held and are still being fashioned out to mitigate the effects of the current flood in some parts of the country and it’s negative impact on the citizenry and the general habitat.


Such approach is hopeful to come up with answers to determine remote causes of flood, whether it is as a result of climate change or global warming or both, and how to find lasting solutions to avert ugly future ocurance.


However, he disclosed that options to deliver immediate succour to affected people, houses, families women and children who are more vulnerable during the recent flood in the country have been set on motion and are being delivered according to needs and magnitudeof the destruction in various parts of the country.


Barrister Mohammed sympathies with fellow citizens who have unfortunately come under the threats and destruction that accompanied this year’s flood disasters and prayed for souls lost and succour for the displaced.


Tabitha Goselle

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