Alago Youth Decry Sustained Attacks of Kinsmen by suspected Tiv Militias Despite Peace Efforts


By Edwin Philip

The Alago Development Association (ADA) has raised an existential concern by the consistent attacks of Alago farmers by people suspected to be Tiv militia suspected to over farmlands historically and administratively part of Alago lands in Nasarawa State.

A press statement sent to journalist and signed by ADA youth leader Akwe Julius James, said their attention has been drawn to various ambush and attacks on farmers in a Keana community while in their farms. They referenced attacks that took place on Sunday, July 7, 2024, where three persons sustained varrying degrees of injury and are currently receiving treatment at the General Hospital Keana.

According to the association, this is happening on the heels of a similar incident on the 27th. June 2024, where their youths were attacked, beaten, injured, and killed by the suspected armed Tiv Youths, leaving many hospitalized and traumatized,

recalling how the corpse of one Musa Agade,a young graduate farmer was recovered three days after he was attacked and killed, stating that the unprovoked assault is a clear manifestation of the ongoing intimidation and violence that they face in their ancestral land.

“On a different occasion, a group of Keana youth were viciously assaulted by Tiv Youths while working in their farm land. This attack resulted in injuries to several individuals, and their motorcycles were forcefully taken from them. Additionally, a number of Alago youth were allegedly taken into Daudu police custody in Benue State for whatever reason wondering whether the authorities are aware and complacent about what is happening to fellow citizens.

The Alago Youth Development Association, said despite peace efforts, through mediation in the long standing dispute with the Tiv people by the Osana of Keana, a first class chief in the area, his noble efforts to promote peace and mutual understanding were met with violence as his Youth were attacked by the Tiv youths who have laid claimed to lands beyond Benue boarders, which underscores the complexities and tensions that abound in keana community.

“We stand in solidarity with the keana community and reiterate our commitment to remain calm and united in the face of this aggression. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. We will continue to advocate for our rights and peaceful co-existence.”

They however conderm the act of violence and brutality, which according to them is a clear violation of their human rights and fundamental freedoms, seeking justice and calling on the authorities to investigate the crime against them and bring the perpetrators to account while- addressing the systemic issues fueling these attacks.

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