Bandits May Soon Take Over Kaduna, Govt House – SOKAPU

The horrendous attacks on Kaduna State especially Southern Kaduna by bandits if left unchecked, may lead to the terrorists taking over the metropolis, including the seat of power.

The President, Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU), Honourable Jonathan Asake expressed the fears, while briefing the press at their national secretariat in Kaduna on Thursday April 28, 2022.

“SOKAPU Believes bandits may soon take over Kaduna metropolis, including the Kaduna State  Government House, if the government continues to show lack of capacity or willingness to stop then,” he said.

Speaking further, he therefore, called on civil society organisations, foreign missions, European Union, United Nations, among others, to beam their searchlight on the atrocities, crime against humanity, ethnic cleansing being perpetrated against the people of Southern Kaduna. 

On the law passed by the National Assembly to criminalise payment of ransom to bandits, he demanded better options to freeing victims.

“When you make a law not to pay ransom, what is the alternative you are working on as a government. Whenever someone is taken, he may be a mechanic or shoe shiner, but he is a bread winner and those who know his value will do all within its powers to rescue them.

“Poor families that even find it difficult to eat, cough out millions and those who can’t pay,. even lose their lives.

“For people kidnapped and taken to camps, we have heard people say these terrorists were brought in before 2015 to remove Jonathan out of government.

“The terrorists say their terms have not been fulfilled, that’s why they still remain in the forest 
“Maybe they want a talk with the government to get huge money,” he said.

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