Celebrating the Resilience of Nasarawa Women


Invest More in Women to Accelerate Progress: A tribute by Amina Omeri to the women of Nasarawa

In the heart of Nigeria, lies the Home of Solid Minerals-Nasarawa State. A land with a profound tapestry of culture and resilience woven by its women, a testament to their unwavering strength, tenacity, and unyielding spirit of purpose and drive. As we commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024, under the theme “Inspire Inclusion,” it is imperative to pay homage to these unsung heroes whose perseverance has shaped communities and inspired change locally and internationally.

Despite facing formidable challenges, Nasarawa women have stood tall, confronting adversity with grace and determination, making their mark and weaving a ribbon of hope across sectors. As the economic landscape continues to shift, Nasarawa women adapt and innovate, harnessing their academic and entrepreneurial spirit to navigate uncertain terrains. In doing so, they have kept their farms and motherhood, promoting their culture and community through enterprises and non-classified businesses while helping to sustain societal life wire by educating their children in difficulty yet happy to do so. From the bustling markets and the serene villages to urban professional realms, their presence resonates with a quiet yet formidable power, driving progress and fostering unity within their families and the society at large.

Through entrepreneurship, education, and community initiatives, they have defied odds, are breaking barriers and shattering cultural and religious stereotypes along the way to emerge as beacons of hope. Their resilience knows no bounds, serving as a reminder of the boundless potential that lies within each woman.

The road ahead remains fraught with obstacles, underscoring the urgent need for investment in women’s empowerment. In times of economic uncertainty, women often bear the brunt of financial instability, facing systemic barriers that hinder their progress and limit their opportunities. Yet, it is precisely during these challenging times that investing in women becomes even more critical. By encouraging and providing access to quality education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, we not only uplift individual lives but also catalyze progress on a societal scale. Nasarawa women are not just content to be beneficiaries of investment; they want to be catalysts for transformative change, driving innovation, and fostering inclusive growth across diverse sectors. Nasarawa women are among several others that have proven their capacity to contribute to statecraft and nation building. They are educated, motivated, and inspiring role models for the young and next generation of Nasarawa women, many of whom are doing wonders in sports, the arts, fashion, education, and the public service. Inspite of it all, the road is still a distance in politics and big business. By their disposition and resilience, they are conquerors and time shall tell even sooner than later.

As we celebrate the resilience of Nasarawa women this International Women’s Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to their empowerment. Let us amplify their voices, champion their causes, and create an enabling environment where every woman can thrive. Together, let us harness the power of diversity and inclusion to accelerate progress, realizing the full potential of our nation and beyond.

This tribute by Amina Omeri is dedicated to the following noteworthy women of Nasarawa both young and old who have set the milestone on attainable pedestals of hope and possibility.

Dr. Halima Doma

Dr. Hauwau Mainoma

Dr. Comfort Adokwe

Mrs. Martina Ibrahim Shuaibu

Mrs. Elizabeth Ogabo mni

Mrs. Zainab Abdulmumuni

Mrs. phoebe Ayenaje

Hajiya Iman Suleiman

Hajiya Lantana Ahmed

Late Dr. Fatima Othman

Late Mrs. Rebecca Umaru

The Unknown Woman of Nasarawa








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