Nasarawa Governorship Tribunal: Sule Hires Marabouts, Sorcerers & Diviners!


As the governorship tribunal sittings in Lafia proceeds towards the final submissions of claims and counter claims my the Petitioners and respondents:

Engr Audu Sule has reportedly hired the services of Marabouts, Sorcerers and Diviners from within and outside the state to perform occultic rituals towards bending the minds of the judges to deliver judgment in his favour.


Some of the ritualists, sorcerers and enchanters were reportedly brought into the state from outside the country at huge costs to employ occultic powers toward spiritually influencing the Governorship tribunal proceedings and final outcome.


According to our sources the initial contract with the marabouts was to stop the widely acclaimed winner of the Governorship election of March 18, 2023 Dr David Ombugadu of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from going to the tribunal.


Many rituals were reportedly performed in Lafia, Akwanga and Keffi, the three Senatorial zonal Headquarters of the state to weaken the PDP candidate’s resolve to go to the tribunal.


The occultic rituals reportedly included burial of live animals such as sheep and cows to appease the demonic thrones against the PDP candidate and in favour of Engr Sule.


The Diviners and enchanters who were reportedly hired at costs that will make the earnings of Senior Advocates look like laborers fees however failed to stop the PDP candidate from filling his case at the tribunal.


The contract then moved to Phase Two:

Which is to go into spiritual warfare through rituals and enchantments to confuse the PDP candidate’s lawyers and witnesses in court and to turn the minds of the judges in favour of Sule and his legal team.


Another set of animals for sacrifices and occultic rituals were purchased and more marabouts camped in lafia and Akwanga and Keffi for spiritual divination sorceries and enchantments. The marabouts largely chants in the day time and some go to the vicinity of the tribunal to ‘support’ Sule’s legal team and to ‘work’ against Dr Ombugadu’s lawyers.


The main rituals, our sources disclosed, are however usually performed between the hours of 1.30 am to 3.30 am in different locations in the state.


Our sources further disclosed that following the conclusion and closing of the PDP Candidate’s submissions at the tribunal last week there has been high anxiety in Sule’s camp as none the claims by the marabouts was noticed in the proceedings so far. Particularly the claim by the Marabouts that Dr Ombugadu’s lawyers will be ‘spiritually programmed’ to flop in court.


Following this anxiety by Sule’s team one of the Marabout from outside the state suddenly abandoned his duty post in lafia.

Sule’s camp is reportedly concerned that none of the performance indicators given by the marabouts appeared to have been achieved so far at the Governorship tribunal proceedings in Lafia.


As we await the resumption of proceedings by Sule and APC lawyers this week the local members of the marabouts are not letting up in their rituals snd enchantments which are performed at mouth watering costs.


This development in Nasarawa State is not an isolated case as election seasons in Nigeria are usually marked my heightened spiritual activities cutting across the three religions of Christianity, Islam and African traditional religion practitioners.


Haruna Ladan

From Lafia.


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