Nigerians Yet To Feel Impact Of Buhari’s APC Campaign Promises – Onuesoke

Chief Sunny Onuesoke

Chief Sunny Onuesoke, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former Delta State Governorship aspirant, on Saturday said that five years into the eight-year administration of President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressive Congress (APC) government in Nigeria, the citizen are yet to feel the impact of its promises.

Onuesoke, who made the observation while addressing journalists in Abuja, said it is quite unfortunate that the APC- led federal government had derailed in its promises to Nigerians.

“During the campaign that brought President Buhari into governance, APC promised to reduced fuel pump prices to N45 per litre in the first year of his administration, provide free education at all level, place every graduate on allowance after their youth services, crush Boko Haram and other insurgencies within three months, and create three million jobs annually.

“They equally promised that Nigerian refineries will work in 100 percent capacity and no Nigeria will go outside for medical treatment among other lofty promises. Unfortunately, the APC led government had not met any of these promises. Rather, the reverse of their promises is the case with Nigerians waking up every morning latest with heart breaking news of frustration,” he noted.

The PDP Chieftain noted that it is disheartening that a government that promised reducing fuel pump price to N45 per litre has after five years increased fuel pump price from N85 per litre to N212, adding that if care is not taking fuel pump price will hit N500 before 2023 at the rate the government is going.

He said it is unfortunate that a government that promised to put the four refineries in 100 percent working capacity had kept the refineries moribund and even planning to import refined petroleum products from newly built Republic of Niger refinery and privately owned Dangote Refinary that has lesser capacity of production to the four Nigeria refineries.

The PDP Chieftain recalled that President Buhari promised to crush Boko haram and other insurgencies in the country within three months during his first swearing-in broadcast to the nation, adding that since then Boko Haram had waxed stronger and insecurity had become order of the day with incessant killing and kidnapping enveloping the nation in large scale that had never been experienced before his resumption of office.

“Nowhere is save in the country as insecurity has become the order of the day.. Farmers do not go to farm because they are afraid of being abducted by gunmen. This had led to an increase in farm products. The highways are not saved because either bandits and gunmen are on the ground to abduct travellers for ransom,” he stated.

Onuesoke observed that the nation economy is nose diving at rapid speed with most Nigerians finding it difficult to take one square meal daily because of the government poor economic policy.

He advised Buhari led APC government to keep up with the promise they made during the electioneering campaign to regain the confidence Nigerians have in them.

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