Passionate Appeal To Nasarawa State Traditional Council

The level of interest and interference by our traditional rulers virtually on all political matters and elections in the state via the influence of government is becoming a state of concern.

I am surprised that some traditional rulers in nasarawa state have virtually formed a union to interfere in all political matters either to the advantage of the government in power or their personal interests,

Then you wonder why such groups of persons choose to be traditional fathers in the first place . No one needs an application to be a politician. it’s a matter of choice.

Some people even desperately bribe their ways to Lead as politicians others do same to be traditional leaders, this explain why Nasarawa State is one of the leading states with the highest cases or litigation in court on chieftaincy matters.

Despite this fact, we are compelled by culture and tradition to respect them .
But definitely, you can’t be both at the same time, as no one eats his cake and thinks he can still have it, that will be greed and selfishness.

I think it is high time the traditional council advise it self before some individuals or groups of persons destroy or abuse the value and essence of this institution.
Some of us are concerned because, for us, the traditional institution is a valuable heritage. For others, it is a political reward or dividend of democracy.

Every Nasarawa State well meaning citizens no matter how highly placed should pray and allow the existence of vibrant House of assembly to make good laws, checkmate the excesses of government and enhance security, and efficient development in the state, therefore we should allow our house of assembly elected representatives to elect or choose principal officers of their choice to the benefit of the state and democracy.

Hon Francis Osowena Enokela Orogu.
Nasarawa State PDP Chairman

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