PDP stakeholders Knocks Sule, amidst Revelation from Miyyeti Allah Leader on Fulani vigilante formation


In the wake of the 2023 Gubernatorial election in Nasarawa state, concerns were mounting over Governor Abdullahi Sule’s alleged desperate bid to retain power, even at the cost of the state’s stability and coexistence. Stakeholders point to various disturbing tactics employed by Sule, including exploiting religious divisions and purported bribery to influence the election outcome.


According to opposition voices in a statement signed by Haruna Umaru and made available to News men on Monday, it stated that Sule resorted to divisive strategies, attempting to pit Muslims against Christians to secure electoral support. However, the populace reportedly resisted such tactics, highlighting the unity and resilience of the people against manipulation.


Furthermore, accusations of bribery and corruption within the electoral process have surfaced, with claims that Sule sought to have influenced key figures, including the state’s INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner, some LG EO’s as well as the Returning Officer, Prof. Tanko Ishaya, and various agencies. Allegations suggest a systemic erosion of the state’s treasury, leading to financial instability and unpaid salaries for state workers.


Haruna noted that despite overwhelming evidence and public outcry, Sule purportedly declared victory in the election, sparking widespread disappointment and unrest among the populace. “The subsequent tribunal ruling, overturning Sule’s victory and declaring opposition candidate Rt Hon. David Emmanuel Ombugadu, as the rightful winner, further fueled tensions.”


” Although the tribunal verdict was widely applauded and celebrated, the legal battles extended to the supreme court, Sule’s desperation allegedly reached new heights, with accusations of his involvement in establishing a terrorist outfit, one led one Akajo and the other by Bodejo. The two were to merge and form the alleged Fulani Militia group intended to sow fear and destabilize the state in the event of an eventual unfavourable verdict.”


Recent developments, according to him, have seen key figures, including Prof Tanko Ishaya, facing scrutiny from anti-corruption agencies like the EFCC, further exposing the depth of alleged corruption within Sule’s administration.


The revelations from Alh Bello Bodejo, leader, commander in chief of the Fulani Militia group, have shed light on Sule’s purported role in financing and pressuring the group, disregarding security warnings and endangering the state’s socio-economic well-being. He added.


According to reports, ongoing investigations, and growing public outrage, has necessitated that Nasarawa stakeholders should emphasize the need for accountability and justice. The plight of innocent citizens, including widows, who have suffered amid the political turmoil, underscores the urgency of addressing governance issues and restoring faith in democratic processes.


As Nasarawa state grapples with the aftermath of these revelations, the people remain vigilant, demanding transparency and accountability from their leaders. Failure to address the alleged offences could lead to further unrest and distrust in the government, signalling a pivotal moment in the state’s political landscape from government induced instability to militantism.

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