SOKAPU Passes Vote Of No Confidence On Operation Safe Haven

… coalition demands overhaul, replacement with Mobile Police

Following renewed attacks in the area covered by Operation Safe Haven, fresh calls have been made for the replacement of its Commander.

The call was made by the President of the Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU), Honourable Jonathan Asake on Thursday, while briefing newsmen in Kaduna.

The aggrieved communities are crying out. Is there someone out there that will heed their cry? Turi ya kai bango fa! Action must be taken now cuz what may follow may be ugly and uncontrollable!

The call from SOKAPU comes on the heels of a call by a coalition of several groups earlier in April in a press statement.

The groups that made the call earlier are, Afizere, Amo, Anaguta, Atten, Bache, Berom, Buji, Chokobo, Gus, Irigwe, Jere, Kurama, Lemroro, Tarya, youth organizations, in collaboration with Youth Wing of Christian Association Of Nigeria (YOWICAN) and Women’s Wing of CAN, (WOWICAN), on April 6, 2022.

But SOKAPU in its call, alleged that no single day passes without an abduction or killings in Southern Kaduna, . leaving trails of massacre, raping of women and destruction of crops.

“On April 25, killer herdsmen in large numbers invaded Chawai Chiefdom murdering 25 with many missing .

“The attack on Ungwan Rimi lasted for three hours. The invaders proceeded from there to Ungwan Magaji, which has been attacked four times since 2014,” SOKAPU President said.

From reports in several areas that have been attacked in several parts of the state, particularly in Southern Kaduna, where home of paramount ruler of Atyap was burnt, the terrorists operated for over five hours

He explained that eye witnesses said they saw people in military uniform leading the terrorists

“We have told the military to come clean on this if they were impersonated.

“We heard same reports when communities were attacked in Kagoro last month.

“Reports have been heard of helicopter flying and supplying logistics to terrorists.

“Communities in Niger, Taraba and others have raised same issue of the helicopter, all those communities cannot conspire to lie about the helicopter. We want the military to investigate it,” he said.

He lamented that the terrorists are attacking everyone, with no section is left behind.

“Nothing us being done to return people back to their communities.

“The only time I have seen Gov el-Rufai take action is to declare 24 hours curfew.

“Within those curfew, we have witnessed more attacks and the attackers will escape without any brought to justice,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, the coalition of youth organizations in the Northern Senatorial District of Plateau State in collaboration with Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN) and Women’s Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria (WOWICAN) in their statement issued on April 6, “expressed deep concerns over continued killings, Insecurity, deplorable and degenerating living condition of native Christian communities and villages in crisis affected area, especially in Irigwe of Bassa LGA and other Local Government Area such as Jos North, Jos South, Riyom, Bokkos and Barkin Ladi, where children, women and other unarmed residents have been left to terrorism onslaughts daily carried out by Fulani militias.

“These, and many others are highly condemnable.
We equally note the mass displacements, closure of many schools and children’s drop-out of school as a result of the unwearied attacks by the militias and/or bandits throughout the hostility periods with non or less Federal security response we consider as conspiracy of silence on the part of the Security agents, who are deployed guarantee safety of residents and also curb down the concentration of terrorist networks in Irigwe and beyond so that hostilities would have been drastically reduced.

“We however, witness more of aiding and abetting genocide and other forms of crimes against humanity hence calls for necessary action including overview of the whole security architecture otherwise we will be left with no option than to conclude the continued promotion of Fulani jihad for ethnic cleansing, intolerance, and religious bigotry diminishing and threatening our precarious balance, patriotism as a State and also as a Nation since the system has demonstrated biasness in the ongoing invasions aiming at bringing Irigwe and other affected native Christians as well as residents to extinction in order to enlarge territorial expansionist land grab agenda of the militias who are currently in occupation of over 102 villages and communities in Plateau State.

“Further concerned that on the Plateau, the locations of the attackers are known and some named Fulani fingered for arrest, but no positive step ever taken thereby depleting out confidence in Operation Safe Haven as a neutral body that can put an end the the crisis.

“Thus, the OPHS should be be held accountable for the hundred innocent lives killed, houses razed down and other valuables lost to the Militias’ pogroms in Irigwe and by extension, other affected areas within the state.

“Understanding that the orchestrated onslaughts of Fulani militias in the Northern Senatorial District particularly, Irigwe Chiefdom in Bassa LGA is, but a microcosm of a bigger picture that is full-time backed by terrorist networks within and outside the State.

“The indecisive character of Federally controlled Security agents leaves the indigenous and native populations of the Senatorial District and the Church with no option than to suspect Government intentions as it respond lackadaisically to its plight.

“More so, since there are no programs nor beneficiaries of Victims Support Funds and Rebuilding or Rehabilitation Programs in spite of elaborate and crystal representation in the National Assembly.
Consequently, the coalition YOWICAN and WOWICAN call not only for removal of Maj. Gen. I. S. Ali from Manning the 3rd Armored Division and Operation Safe Haven, but also an independent Panel of Inquiry be set up to investigate his modus operandi that has undoubtedly encouraged ethnic and religious cleansing, which we consider as genocide and crime against humanity.

“We also beckon on the media, political, economic and industrial Stakeholders within and outside the State to prevail on the State and Federal Governments and all its relevant agencies to, as a matter of urgency, rethink their security deployment strategy/policies and decisions with a view to overhauling Operation Safe Haven to be replaced with Mobile Police Force, immediate provision of relief materials or palliative to ameliorate the suffering of the people Irigwe, the Zone, State and Nigeria in general.

“We are also deeply pained over the continued destruction of farmed crops senselessly meted out by way of mischievous grazing and mowing dong in the Zone. This, of course, proves true about the rumours flying out that there will be no harvest of farmed crops in Irigwe, Jos South, Riyom and Bokkos in 2022 as planned by the militias.

“We therefore call for dislodgement of all militias and other terrorist elements in and around Irigwe land and beyond.

“It’s worthy of note that our unflinching support and solidarity are with the Plateau State House of Assembly not only on the initiation of Livestock Transformation Program introduced as a bill for a law in the State, but also calling for Anti-open Grazing Bill be equally initiated in order to nip in the bud the ongoing terrorism being unleashed under the guise of open grazing with no observance of restrictions thereby coercing the populace into more hunger and starvation in this economic critical era characterized with hyperinflation commoners cannot contend,” the coalition said.

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