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What Uche Secondus Did to PDP – Chief Dantiye

Let us hope that what is dead can resurrect again …but for PDP being in the hands of a merciless undertaker called Uche Secondus as the National Chairman, there is more hope to a woman that her fallen bosom will rise again.

All hope not lost in PDP, but the first step must be for Uche Secondus to immediately resign his position as PDP National Chairman, and free the party of the burdens of malfeasance, unseriousness and mockery.

Obviously, the time has caught up with Secondus; he is no more functional.

His capacity as an unadulterated tout can no longer be tolerated to power the vibes and enthusiasm of PDP to any heights.

Secondus is a complicated fellow. His residual value is costing PDP more harm. He divides and rules authoritatively.

Truth be told, Uche Secondus did not win any state for PDP. Nigerians were and are still tired of APC and that gave us victory in some states; it was not because of Secondus. People who left PDP only returned. Secondus is timid and cannot criticize APC with seriousness.

First, do you know that the PDP governors and other major stakeholders have managed Mr Secondus all this along?

Second, do you know that Mr Secondus in each state in Nigeria has deliberately created PDP factions where he moors his interest in one, and rip them off?

Third, do you know that upon the money available to PDP that Mr Secondus does not pay staff salaries regularly?

Fouth, do you know that Uche Secondus is so incompetent that he does not pay people who go to serve PDP in national assignments?

Fifth, do you know that Mr Secondus is so incompetent and daft that he uses quacks and an illiterate as his media aides and as a photographer?

Sixth, do you know that Mr Secondus, a PDP National Chairman, is battling in a financial fraud case to the tune of N10billion Naira, and shamefully, he has refused to resign?

Seventh, do you know that PDP needs fresh ideas and energy to fly again, and this, Secondus does not have?

Eighth, do you know that Uche Secondus is so archaic, unlettered, and moribund to stand the test of time?

And that the present digital age does not support the likes of Mr Secondus?

Ninth, do you know that by keeping Uche Secondus that PDP is dead?

Tenth, do you know that Uche Secondus is being used to deny the southern Nigeria their fair and justified stand to produce President 2023?

Eleventh, do you know that PDP will not have peace until an incompetent Secondus is booted out?

Twelfth, do you know that it is a sin for an incompetent fellow to be leading competent men and women?

Thirteenth, do you know that is out of selfishness and gross wickedness that some people take sides with Secondus?

Do you know that we will not stop this until Secondus resigns?

PDP will be free to rule Nigeria again when Secondus resigns. Secondus has become an anathema.

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