Why Ombugadu’s Choice is Best-Tiv Stakeholders


For the umteempth time, the Tiv community in the southern part of Nasarawa state, have pick courage on daunting political decision.

The trying moment not withstanding, it was enough reason to arrived at a tough decision.

They said that the indices are clearer on where to cast their votes on the March 11th, 2023 on the Nasarawa state Governorship election.

The stakeholders including former elected and appointed councillors, party chiefs, technocrats, retired but not tired civil servants, military and para military officers, organized youths and women leaders have all agreed to do it with the majority people of Nasarawa state.

They unnormously vote to endorse the PDP governorship candidate, Hon Dr David Ombugadu.

The decision was arrived at after the stakeholders’ briefing by the former NSHA candidate Obi 1 in the 2011/2015 elections, Hon Jonathan IPAA-Ashinjo at Abaagu, Obi LGA weekend.

The Tiv stakeholders have also affirmed that Dr Ombugadu’s aspiration meet all standard for an emerging Nasarawa state Governor in this year’s contest.

They agreed that the 4+4+4(12years) for the PDP and another 4+4+4(12years) ffor the APC in a power equation has round up in the state even if it were on equity, fairness and justice basis.

“Therefore, we have been fair enough to every interest in the state. What everyone is seeking for in the next Governorship election in Nasarawa state is competence in equity, fairness and justice which Dr Ombugadu represents.

“The indigenous people deserve to rule.

Dr Davetins Ombugadu’s Sterling leadership qualities deserve support.”

The stakeholders meeting was attended by major players including APC former appointees, chiefs and retirees.

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