Blasphemy: Nothing must happen to Kukah, Kaduna CAN warns

Christians in their hundreds on Sunday gathered at the Evangelical Church of Winning All, Sabon-Tasha in Kaduna, to intercede for the country.

This is in full compliance with the directives from the Christian Association of Nigeria that Christians should protests the lynching of Deborah Samuel, a 200-level student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, who was killed over alleged blasphemying of Prophet Mohammed.

The Christian body, following the killing of Deborah had initially asked all churches across the country to embark on protest over the killing but reversed its decision that Christian faithful should gather in their churches to protest.

The state Vice-Chairman of the CAN, Rev. Chris Annger, who spoke to journalists on the sideline of the ‘special prayers,’ said the gathering was also to intercede for those who were still alive despite the uncertainty surrounding the country.

According to him, the killing of Deborah was unacceptable because the country is being governed by the law.

He said, “We are people of God to thank God for life and to thank God for what has recently happened in Sokoto, Deborah Samuel, who was gruesomely killed by Islamic extremist on account of Blasphemy.

“So we are here to first pray for the survival of those who are alive and also let the world know that it’s not the best way to go by killing because we are living in a country where there are rules as in the constitution. I think as patriotic Nigerians, we have what is guiding us that has to be respected,” he stated.

The CAN leader also warned that nothing untoward must happen to the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, for whatever reason, adding that the attack on a Catholic church shortly after the gruesome murder of Deborah, was targeted at him.

Consequently, the cleric called on the government to protect the life and property of Bishop Kukah as well as other Nigerians.

“When we learnt that a Catholic church was attacked in Sokoto. It’s very clear that that attack was on Bishop Matthew Kukah because he’s the one who’s like a voice to the voiceless in this country. He’s speaking truth to power every day. So that attack was directly or indirectly on him,” the cleric said.

He added, “We are calling on the Nigeria government to charge those in charge of carrying guns or agencies responsible for taking care of us, to be up and doing and protect the life of Kukah and every believer as well as every Nigerian to be protected from this menace. It’s unacceptable.”

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