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Nasarawa State Government; Miyyeti Allah: The Fulani Terror Wars & Banditry In The Middle Belt States Of Nigeria


Shekwo Nathaniel- A Historian from Karu LG, Nasarawa State


THE Governor of Nasarawa state Alh. Abdullahi Sule is all over the news again, this time on the ongoing investigation by Security Agencies following the recent launch by the Leader of the miyetti- Allah Organization, Bello Bodejo of a suspected Fulani Terror group in Nasarawa State under the guise of creating a Fulani tribal vigilante group for peace.


Media reports revealed that Alh Bello Bodejo, for long a shady character of apocryphal origin, has been telling security agencies following his arrest how Governor Abdullahi Alhaji Sule put pressure on him to form the group and released State funds through the office of the Secretary to Nasarawa State Government SSG Barrister Mohammed Ubandoma Aliyu to bankroll the formation and launching of the suspected Fulani Militia in Nasarawa state.


Bodejo is widely reported in Social Media Circles as one of the National Leaders of the Fulani Terror war and banditry in Charge of the Middle Belt/North Central zone with Nasarawa State as the epicenter of their operations in the surrounding states of Benue, Kogi Taraba, Plateau and Southern Kaduna as well as the FCT.


It has ling been widely suspected that the Government of Nasarawa State is the chief sponsor of terror and banditry in the North Central Zone, which has gone on non-stop for the past 23 years.


The revelations by Bello Bodejo, the Miyatti Allah Leader and Terror Suspect undergoing trial for his alleged involvement in terrorism and banditry, is most likely only a tiny tip of a huge Ice bag!


Bodejo arrested recently and and arraigned for launching a suspected Fulani terror group in the name of vigilante in Nasarawa state was reported to have revealed to Security Agencies how the whole group and the finances was supported and provided respectively by Governor Abdullahi Sule.


He reportedly gave a vivid rundown of Governor Sule’s involvement, ownership, and sponsorship of the suspected Fulani Terror group, including the participation of security agencies in the state on the personal directives of Governor Sule himself.


He listed several meetings between him and Governor Sule, the Nasarawa State Police Commissioner, the State Director of SSS and the SSG and the sums of money released by Governor Sule through his SSG and the police for the activities of the group.


Both Sule and his SSG Alh Ubabdoma Aliyu represent the Kanuri/ Fulani settler groups from the far North who now preside over Nasarawa state to the detriment of the peace and security of the indigenous majority tribes of Nasarawa state and the Middle Belt.


Governor Sule and previous Governors of Nasarawa state are suspected to have have been the main sources of support for the terror wars in the Zone with the possible exception of the Late Governor Aliyu Akwe Doma, an indigenous man from the Alago ethnic group, who refused to support the terror agenda of the Fulani against the indigenous tribes of the Middle Belt and was promptly removed.


Throughout the four year tenure of Governor Aliyu Doma from 2011-2015, the wars in the state abated. There was palpable peace and tranquillity in the area.


Alh Aliyu Doma was quickly removed from office in a carefully rigged vote by the northern godfathers in 2015 in favour of their lackey, Alh Tanko Almakura under whom the terror wars in the Nasarawa State and in the Middle Belt escalated.


The godfathers reportedly prevailed on Tanko Almakura, who himself was rigged into power in two previous elections, to support Abdullahi Sule as his successor to continue with the terror wars and banditry in the Middle Belt.


The ultimate goal of this war is the political and economic control of the Middle Belt states by the Fulani in their frontal push for the control and dominion of Nigeria.


This plot was inadvertently revealed by Dr Ibrahim Tahir Talban Bauchi and Second Republic

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