Protesters: We Call them Mothers, Governor Sule Calls them Prostitutes

In an attempt to turn the people against their own mandate and choice, Gov AA Sule while addressing Mada people of Akwanga recently was quoted to have accused our protesting mothers of collecting N500 or something less than a dollar to go topless in expressing their resentment and rejection of the manipulated election figures that produced him as governor of Nasarawa State.

This statement is clearly, his estimation and level of debasement of our parents whom we call mothers and he refers to them as prostitutes. Not even women of easy virtue in these climes will go that low to show the fullness of their bodies in public.

We are not sure even he has enough money to pay any woman in Nasarawa State for that matter to demonstrate in support of civil liberties and justice naked. These are pained mothers, grand-mothers and widows, some, old enough to be his own mother or grandmother that he finds it easy to insult. That is the power of stolen power or stolen mandate that is capable of transforming injustice into law and brazen insult of hapless protesters who are demanding for the right things to be done only. That is their fault and it earned them the wrath of governor Abdul Sule, the Lord of Nasarawa, courtesy of a stolen and manipulated election, instead of covering his face in shame from disgrace. His maladministration has reduced our mothers’ worth to N500 only and he is proud to say so.

But Governor Sule should know that not even he can pay for the nakedness on display, of utter rejection and protest against the manipulation of a popular choice. Only short sighted sycophants will applaud him at these times. God shall deal for the people in the fullness of time.

We believe Governor Sule would know that the protest is a product of voluntary and collective action of many voters, a demonstration of further rejection of this shameless effort to cling to power-power he knows not what to do with in service of the people and their government. Sule should also know that apart from our mothers, many of protesters are approaching their rejection of him in different forms. Some have opted for street protest, others pray, write or embark on other forms of rejection of him. Only he and his co-travellers still celebrate. There are many ways to cage a snake, a rat or an elephant.

However, governor is free to find them and insult each according to his view of their level of protest or his categorisation of them. For us however, governor Sule appears vile, deceitful and unapologetic. He is exploring possibilities to cover this shame at thieving the mandate he knows does not belong to him and he is doing so with pride and gusto hoping that insults and braggadocio are dispositions  that will save him eventually.

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