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Safety Concerns Amidst Threats: FG’s Proactive Moves

Peter Jerome

The Federal Government last night reintroduced restrictions and placed curfew in the country on order to avert likely threats of widespread contraction of the deadly corona virus during the festive period. Similarly, unsure of the next moves of bandits and terrorists, it was considered safer to keep citizens by introducing several measures to heighten Safety consciousness generally, said a security source. The Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) went public with its sudden announcement of the reintroduction of nationwide restrictions and curfew in a tense message which it said was a measure to mitigate further spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. This almost triggered panic among religious bodies, businesses and other institutions especially, at the eve of Ed-el Maulud Muslim festival which is scheduled for the 12th and 13th of May.
A prominent security source said in a report that terrorists have hinted to launch an attack on Mosques, Churches, Malls and other places of public gathering. Therefore, the Federal Government in a move to play safe opted to reintroduce nationwide restrictions and enforce covid – 19 safety protocols to keep citizens away from possible danger of attacks.
In recent times, there is marked upsurge in crime, banditry and terrorists’ attacks in Nigeria. This may have necessitated the marathon security meetings between the president and the service chiefs in past weeks. As at the time of this report, another security meeting is underway in the villa.

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