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They will not get me, Tell them I’m not Coming – Udom Lampoons APC

Peter Jerome

The Governor of Akwa Ibom State Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel Lampooned the All-Progressive Congress, calling on them to leave him alone.

This was in a reaction to the recent rumours on the media space that he is set to join his Cross River counterpart to dump the Peoples Democratic Party for the All-Progressive Congress.

Udom in a very vehement manner, refuted the story, describing the APC as selfish opportunists who have never commissioned any project, but looking for people who have executed projects so they can count it as their accomplishments.

“Have you ever heard that they commissioned a project? They are looking for those that have projects so that they can claim that as part of their accomplishments.

“They will not get me, they are looking for good people, tell them I am not coming, they are looking for good people to put their party in order, tell them I am not coming.

“They think they can use the back door with social media propaganda to say that the Akwa Ibom state governor is coming, is it that easy? Udom disclosed.

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