Who is Afraid of Ombugadu?

David Ombugadu

By Jonathan IPAA, Lafia

Karma, we are told has no menu, you get served what you deserve no matter how long it takes.

The ongoing destruction of billboards belonging to the APC governor in Nasarawa state by members of his party is definitely, a reward for what the governor and his cohorts orchestrated against the opposition People Democratic Party mid-January, 2023 in a build up to the coming Governorship election. Now, voters in the state, like their APC supporters appear more resolute to determine the nature of this reward come March 11, 2023.

Recall that at a recent campaign, sensing governor Abdullahi Sule’s ploy to undermine the party and its leaders, National Chairman of the ruling APC, Sen Abdullahi Adamu, raised the alarm and described the governor as a weakling for accepting defeat in advance and warned that any attempt to sabotage the party (APC) from within shall be met with equal reaction also from within. It would appear that Gov. AA Sule has cast the first stone and dared his leaders in this regard through what looks like unsure steps.

The party’s various losses in the last presidential and National Assembly election in Nasarawa is a sign that the governor has lost grip of the state and a further demonstration of rejection of the APC government in the State. Thanks to Gov. Abdullahi Sule who is not only feeble, bereft of ideas and lacks state wide support. Despite all these short comings, the governor has recklessly engaged on internal fight, stoking a challenge that will ultimately consume his second term ambition to the applause of the people of the state who cannot wait to see him exit Shandam Road.

In the last 4 years, he has proved himself unreliable, making unfulfilled promises even on issues within his competence to accomplish. One can easily point at the cases of politicians like Alh. Danladi Envulanza, Sen. John Damboyi, Late Damishi Luka, Hon. Joseph Kigbu, Sen. Godiya Akwashiki, Hon. Aliyu Wadada, Hon. Jonathan Gaza, Hon. Tanko Tunga among others, all of whom he tricked to join his train with various offers. Others in this category include Hon. Moluku, Hon. Muhammed Iyimoga, Hon. David Ayewa, Arc. Jaafaru and Barr. Labaran Magaji, Arc. Shehu Tukur, Hon. David Maiyaki among several others including the general public who were deceived into his make-believe leadership scam.

In the build-up to the 2023 general elections, he embarked on some miscalculated endeavors, deploying divided loyalty in the choice of presidential candidates, mismanagement of campaign funds, lack of commitment to agreements reached between him and his godfathers like Tanko Almakura and Abdullahi Adamu among other examples of political crimes. As for the duo, he has even shown a lack of loyalty to his party in the state and its members when he failed to assert himself to either one of the two when they vied for the position of National Chairman of APC. His support was pretentiously for Abdullahi Adamu while falsely appearing to be with Tanko Almakura. This being the hallmark of political deceit and disloyalty to group interest.

Now the moment of truth has come, and all these frontline politicians of the APC are poised to take their pound of flesh. They appear to be part of the seemingly helpless people of Nasarawa who are now determined to reclaim their state in the spirit of democracy and goodwill. One should not be surprised that in this rush hour, A.A Sule is desperately resurrecting old promises like payment of pensions, review of salaries and creation of chiefdoms and upgrade of traditional institutions in order to lure the people to his nest of failures.

What is bad is that, in a state that is culturally and morally driven by values, AA Sule has cajoled, bribed and forced traditional rulers into politics by threatening them with sack and class downgrade on failure to deliver their subjects to vote him as the next governor. He is threatening to divide some chiefdoms along the line of political patronage like Chum Mada, Odyong Nyankpa and Oriye Rindre of Wamba among others.

Needless to say that AA Sule is clinging to dry leaves and grasses which will certainly drown him. As it is, the people of the state appear decidedly together to forge ahead, tapping into the old alliances of friendship, partnership and togetherness that bound them together and not the politics of divide and rule which the administration of AA Sule is foisting among them.
How all of these will play out remains in the womb of March 11, 2023 when history shall be made.


Jonathan Ipaa, anipr, mnuj, JP is a Strategic Communication expert, a Lafia based Public Affairs Analyst

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