Politics Beyond Religion In Nasarawa


By Muhammed Abubakar, Keffi

A cardinal variable in politics or democratic elections, presuppose that citizens are expected to freely choose their political leaders based on self believe, social and political interest as well as the key human demand of development and welfare. In this case, all voters must not belong to any political party in order to exercise their right to choose.

Although sentiments of religion and ethnicity are most times used wrongly in politics and political considerations, they shouldn’t be the factors that will determine interest, competence and readiness to serve, a character trait of the PDP and its gubernatorial candidate.

Preliminary investigation has indicated that most supporters of the Labour Party, are not its members. They are youths, students and citizens across all divides who feel frustrated with the current state of affairs in the country and that platform of the LP readily presented itself as an avenue to express their state of mind.

The usual division along religious and ethnic linings are antics of the ruling All Progressive Congress, (APC) in our polity. This has found expression at both national and state level direction of governance where nepotism and religious irredentism is made the rule rather than the exception.

For the purpose of emphasis, the structure of the Atiku/Ombugadu Campaign Council in the state is being coordinated by both Muslims and Christians without any rationalization of faith in the spirit of brotherhood that we have always shared with one another. The current wind of religiosity being driven by the APC is alien to Nasarawa State and its people and we wonder the motive of the promoters of the very selfish agenda capable of driving a wedge of trust built over the years.

Suffice to say that in Nasarawa state, there are families amongst the numerous ethnic groups that have both Muslims and Christians entangled together in harmony and peace. They have voted their choices of leaders and even belong to parties based on their convictions and consciences in line with the democratic ethos without rancor, the kind being promoted by enemies of Nasarawa state at the moment.

In most of the general elections we have had so far, supporters of both faiths usually join queues to cast their votes for candidates of their choices in a very convivial atmosphere. While losers sulk, winners celebrate while everyone else waits for another day and opportunity.

For instance, adherence of both faiths have voted in favour of candidates of either shared faith or otherwise in the past and even, in the present disposition. Do not be deceived, Muslims have governed Nasarawa State with the votes of Christians and Muslims alike since its creation and so shall it be that one day, this same configuration shall vote a Christian in whose eyes they see competence and compassion, a brother and friend, son and community leader. This is a fact of life and even the religious books urge for adalchi or fairness.

It is about time to reject the obnoxious politics of hate and unfounded prejudice. Bad policies and politics do not promote and sustain leadership. What does, are values in collectivism since diversity is the aroma of existence. Therefore, everyone should mobilize self, family and neighbours to go to the polls on the 11th of March and vote out the negativism of the ruling APC and promote unity of vision which the PDP and its candidate, David Ombugadu symbolize.

Muhammed Abubakar writes from Keffi



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