Owo Massacre: Attack signals the beginning of Fulani Jihad, says O’odua group

…Urges security not to cover up motive

The early Sunday morning attack on worshipers at St Francis Catholic Church, Owo is a test run for the impending launch of Fulani Jihad on Yoruba territories.

The group said it does not trust police and won’t be surprised if Igbo and Yoruba are arrested to create diversion in a country where millions are either too uneducated to think deeply or guided by personal political interests than public good.

In a statement on Sunday, APAPO O’odua Koya,(AOKOYA) said the choice of Owo, the historic Yoruba town was a deliberate assault on Yoruba heritage given the place of Owo in Yoruba history.

“The most important political party in modern Yoruba history, the Action Group, (AG) was launched in Owo in 1948 with Chief Obafemi Awolowo in attendance. Owo is the birthplace of Chief Adekunle Ajasin who succeeded Awolowo. Owo was the city where free education was launched in Yorubaland in 1952. Owo is also the home of the first Governor of Ondo(Ekiti) State, Ajasin and the ancestral home of Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu, the Chairman of South West Governor’s forum and pioneer promoter of Amotekun” the group stated.

AOKOYA said further “The attack came on the eve of the June 12 Anniversary. We are left in no doubt that the attack on Owo is an attack on Yoruba civilisation and a declaration of Fulani Jihad in Yorubaland” the statement signed by the group’s Head of Operations, Col Abimbola Sowunmi (rtd) said.

AOKOYA said Owo played a crucial role in the defeat of Fulani by the Yoruba in 1840 adding that Owo was the town where some of the weapons used during the war was manufactured.

“We are aware this is the beginning of the Fulani Jihad. By attacking Owo, the Fulani is targeting Ondo port from where they hope to access the Lagos sea port. This is a grand strategic aimed at encircling Yoruba Nation. Only wise and experienced people will understand what is going on” AOKOYA said.

The Pan Yoruba group said thousands of Fulani armed men have seized a large swarth of land between, being Government Reserve located between Ile-Ife and Benin. The forest extends to Kogi State where terrorists have established a strong hold with many robbery and the use of IED taking place. Very soon, the entire area will be fully taken over by the terrorists.”

The group said over 3000 terrorists already use the forest as their camp on Yorubaland

AOKOYA said the security threat is above what South West State Governors can handle while the Federal Government cannot be trusted given the support the terrorists enjoy today from highly placed people in Government

‘Our future is in our own hands. The Fulanisation of Nigeria was first raised by former President Olusegun Obasanjo but no one took him serious. The latest attack confirms the fears of many right thinking people that war is already on the door steps of Your people. We chose peace but they have brought war upon us. We have the option to be enslaved or fight for freedom,” Sowunmi said

The group said it is aware of pressure on some security operatives to cover up the motive behind the massacre of over more than 80 people in Owo on Sunday. It warned that the security operatives should be aware locals are in possession of facts ready to counter any false narrative from the Nigerian security operatives.

‘There is a conscious attempt to cover up tracks and submerge the motive of the attack. We urge security operatives to be honest and to carry out their activities without introducing political flavour” in an attempt to satisfy political interests with vested party affiliation

‘The Fulani have fired the first shot against Yoruba Nation. The whole world should know who to hold responsible in the face of escalated hostility and outbreak of war” AOKOYA stated.

The group described the Fulani as an ethnic group committed to the continuation of the 1804 Jihad saying that the dream has been fueled by the current leadership of Nigeria in Abuja

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